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Technology Company Improves Products, Pricing, & Approvals

Distributed Computing Company

What makes this Distributed Computing Company different

Client is a Silicon Valley-based software company specializing in trusted distributed computing products and services. The company was founded  with the vision to enable trusted transactions across open networks. To date, Client has scaled to a prominent enterprise in trusted distributed computing, building on a legacy of invention, and fundamental contributions in the areas of computer security and digital trust. 

"Great Job!" - Director of Sales Operations,       Distributed Computing Company

Their Need

Client had been using Opportunity Record Types to define products being sold, but outgrew the approach due to increased product and pricing complexity.

  • Had purchased CPQ licenses, but was seeking external expertise to deploy.

  • Needed to define their internal process as this was their first run at creating a product catalog and pricing methodology.

  • Two core products were very dissimilar and required maintaining separate processes.

Our Solution

DoubleTrack facilitated conversations that enabled  the Client team to make decisions on pricing and product format. Outputs included:


  • Defined discounting strategies

  • Standardized approval process

  • Quote Templates 


Salesforce & Other Products Used

  • Salesforce CPQ Plus

  • Advanced Approvals

  • Sales Cloud

  • Conga Quote Generation for CPQ Plus


The Outcome.

  • CSAT Score: 5.0 out of 5

  • Standardization - Products, Pricing, Approvals.

  • Templates - implemented an initial standard for their sales team.

  • A solid foundation that will allow them to build on top of as they grow their use of Salesforce CPQ.


Out of 5 CSAT


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