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How NISC saw a 70% reduction in time to quote with Salesforce CPQ


What makes NISC different

NISC is a dynamic and innovative information technology company specializing in developing and supporting cutting-edge software and hardware solutions for utility cooperatives and telecommunications companies nationwide. With a comprehensive suite of advanced integrated IT solutions, including consumer and subscriber billing, accounting, and engineering & operations, NISC empowers businesses with leading-edge technology for greater efficiency and success. 

DoubleTrack’s thorough scoping process helped to define the project so all parties were clear about the expectations. They were outstanding to work with and delivered well-designed solutions to meet every complex requirement we encountered throughout the project.

Their Need

NISC sought to replace their manual and Excel-based quoting processes with a modern, scalable solution. This solution needed to encompass standardized processes and necessary process controls/guardrails for their complex product mix, pricing calculations, and approval requirements, to ensure efficiency and accuracy for future growth. 


Our Solution

DoubleTrack collaborated with NISC to deliver an innovative solution leveraging Salesforce CPQ, Advanced Approvals, and Conga Quote Gen. This game-changing solution enables reps to seamlessly navigate from Lead to Order, all within Salesforce. Here are a few of the exciting changes for the NISC team: 


  • Simplified and automated Products and Pricing setup, accommodating a wide range of offerings with ease. It handles product selections, dependencies, configuration options, as well as complex quantity and pricing calculations.

  • Streamlined Order creation and billing through Advanced Order Management, ensuring efficient fulfillment across integrated systems and simplifying PM functions.

  • Evergreen Contract Management provides valuable insights into member Accounts' purchase history, auto-recurring subscriptions, and device warranties.

  • Dynamic, tiered, multi-chain review process facilitated by Advanced Approvals, empowering individuals and groups to approve seamlessly through desktop, mobile, or email.

  • Context-aware Quote Line Editor keeps reps focused on actions relevant to the deal type, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience.

  • Conga Quote Gen enables one-click generation of complex, multi-page proposals with conditional display logic, all while prioritizing impeccable formatting.


The Outcome

Thanks to the Salesforce CPQ solution, NISC successfully eliminated tedious manual processes and redundant data entry for product and pricing information. They also standardized their extensive product catalog, which includes a wide range of hardware, software, and service SKUs. These process enhancements resulted in a staggering 70% reduction in standard quote generation time.


adoption of the new tools


reduction in time to quote


reduction in time to approval


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Flexi-Van Reduced Approval Time by 80% with Salesforce CPQ

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