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Salesforce CPQ Reduces
Uncaught Errors by 50%


What makes Jamf different

Based in Minneapolis with over 2,500 employees -  Jamf creates software technology to help customer IT and security teams manage and protect Apple devices as well as the data and applications that run on them.  

DoubleTrack Salesforce Managed Services - dramatically improved institutional knowledge and governance around CPQ processes & administration.

Their Need

The JamF implementation was geared toward a single legacy product, maintaining unscalable and narrowly tailored processes.

  • Post-implementation governance was non-existent and both their internal CPQ knowledge and external CPQ support were deficient

  • Changes were being made in a silo without consideration for upstream or downstream impacts


Our Solution

  • Provide direct system team training on CPQ maintenance & administration to improve awareness of core principles and best practices

  • Implemented built-in annual price uplifts

  • Take a consultative approach and, where necessary, push back to limit customizations that detract from the overall value of CPQ

  • Introduce automation that enhances the user experience of CPQ and drastically minimizes the manual effort of the Account Services team in providing deal support and system overrides/workarounds

  • Develop a standardized approach to introducing new Products for sale via CPQ that incorporates all end-to-end functional requirements from lead to cash to customer success


The Outcome.

  • Reduced uncaught errors by > 50%

  • Successfully implemented major new product initiatives and incorporated offerings from acquisition

  • Resolved dozens of persistent errors & pain points

  • Dramatically improved institutional knowledge and governance around CPQ processes & administration


reduction of uncaught errors


resolved pain points


Customers like you are on the right track

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Flexi-Van Reduced Approval Time by 80% with Salesforce CPQ

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