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Your trusted CPQ experts

Unlike most Salesforce partners that only have a few CPQ specialists, the majority of our consultants are certified experts in Salesforce CPQ. With over 100 CPQ-related projects completed for 70+ clients, DoubleTrack is the go-to partner for Salesforce CPQ implementations.

How to sell smarter, faster, and easier with Salesforce CPQ

Streamlined quoting process 

Gone are the days of manual data entry and time-consuming processes. With guided product and pricing configurations, sales reps can now generate accurate quotes in no time, freeing them from the hassle of making manual calculations and reducing the risk of errors.


Accurate pricing and discounting

Whether it's quantity, volume discounts, contract terms, or even product bundles, Salesforce CPQ takes into consideration all the necessary factors to provide each customer with personalized and precise pricing.

Product configuration flexibility

Sales reps can build customized solutions that perfectly meet your customers' needs, without the worry of offering incompatible or unrealistic product combinations. Take the guesswork out of complex product configurations and empower sales reps to deliver top-of-the-line customer service and drive higher customer satisfaction.

Workers at Their Computers

Automated quote approval and renewal

Automated approval workflows allow sales reps to quickly route quotes to the relevant stakeholders for review and authorization. This not only eliminates delays but also minimizes potential bottlenecks, ensuring that deals close faster and more efficiently.

Better insights and reporting

Empower your businesses with powerful reporting and analytical tools that offer vital insights into sales performance, quoting trends, and product popularity.


Customers like you are on the right track

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Learn How NISC Reduced Quote Time by 70%

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Flexi-Van Reduced Approval Time by 80% with Salesforce CPQ

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