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Your expert Salesforce partners for the journey ahead

An implementation is only the beginning of your Salesforce journey. With DoubleTrack’s Managed Services, you’ll have access to a team of Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing experts who are true strategic partners. We’ll work alongside your team to continuously improve your Salesforce org and align with your company’s roadmap – wherever the road takes you.

How Managed Services keep you moving forward

Cost Effectiveness

You get targeted utilization of our team of experts at a predefined cost, allowing for better business and financial planning. We help you prioritize work that will deliver the best results, the fastest. 

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Your business’s needs will vary over time. With Managed Services, our team can quickly ramp up and draw from a wide range of specialists to meet your project’s timeline and goals.

Continuity & Support

DoubleTrack’s Managed Services team provides stability and deep knowledge of your business during times of turnover. As new members join your team, we’re here to help them get up to speed as quickly as possible.

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Why partner with DoubleTrack

On your Salesforce Journey

  • Platform configuration, development, customization & integrations

  • Custom development 

  • Data governance 

  • Backlog/enhancements

  • System architecture 

  • Reports & dashboards

On your Salesforce CPQ Journey

  • Implementing new pricing structure/methodology and annual pricing changes

  • Adding new product line due to expansion or mergers & acquisitions

  • Changing pricing templates

  • Adding new sales channels

  • Expanding your global footprint and adding currencies

On your Salesforce Billing Journey

  • Updating invoicing and payment automation

  • Implementing new products

  • Enhancing billing and invoicing processes to be completely hands off


Customers like you are on the right track

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Learn How NISC Reduced Quote Time by 70%

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Flexi-Van Reduced Approval Time by 80% with Salesforce CPQ

Let’s build something together

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