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Axia CPQ is now DoubleTrack: Salesforce CPQ + Billing Partner!

We are pleased to announce a significant milestone in our journey of innovation and growth. Our company, formerly known as Axia CPQ, is excited to introduce our new identity: DoubleTrack. This transformation reflects our expansion beyond CPQ into Billing and other components of Salesforce Revenue Cloud.

Why DoubleTrack, you ask? Just as a train follows two parallel tracks to reach its destination efficiently and smoothly, DoubleTrack embodies our dedication to guiding clients on a journey towards Salesforce success. Our mission remains unchanged: to empower them with state-of-the-art Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and Billing solutions that streamline their quote-to-cash processes, enhance productivity, and maximize profitability.

While our name is changing, our unwavering dedication to serving clients remains. Our team of experts will continue to deliver the same high-quality service and innovative solutions they have come to expect from us. Over the coming weeks, the DoubleTrack name and logo will be implemented across our communications, website, and other platforms and our website domain has changed to

We look forward to continuing to provide our clients with excellent Salesforce solutions under our new name. For more information on our name change, check out our Q&A below. If you have any questions or have a prospective project, please contact us.


DoubleTrack Q&A

Why change from Axia CPQ?

We’ve already expanded beyond our initial CPQ focus and we have ambitious plans for the coming years. We wanted a name that reflects our broader capabilities.

Why DoubleTrack?

“Double track” has meaning in fields as disparate as rail transportation, music recording, and off-road travel. Underlying elements include progress, strength, and efficiency.

For us, “DoubleTrack” stands for:

  • Movement: Always progressing on your Salesforce journey.

  • Alignment: How we help you drive better alignment between the business and technology sides of your company; and your company and its customers, channel partners, and employees.

What’s changed?

Axia CPQ earned a strong reputation as a go-to Partner specializing in CPQ projects. We’ve since established a Billing practice led by a nationally recognized Salesforce Billing expert. We now have full capability to implement any of the 20+ additional SKU’s tied to Salesforce Revenue Cloud (as well as core Salesforce implementations). DoubleTrack is now a preferred Partner for Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementations and enhancements—for CPQ, Billing, and beyond.

What hasn’t changed?

Our Focus: We remain a delivery-led organization focused on maximizing value delivered.

Our Partnership: We commit to long term client partnership and success.

Our Values: Customers choose DoubleTrack for our integrity, partnership, leadership and results.

To see how DoubleTrack can help your business sell smarter, faster, and easier with Salesforce Revenue Cloud, contact us today.


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